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A solution could be to donate all proceeds from this type of bet to charity. Aid organizations can then use that money to repair the damage. That’s a noble endeavor, but it doesn’t answer the underlying question, is it morally responsible to invest in the suffering of another? A second point is that when a bet is placed an extra intention is created to influence a possible outcome. In the joker88 betting on sports is match fixing the order of the day. In the entertainment industry, of course, not fair, but still fairly innocent. But what are the possible consequences if people influence the outcome of other events such as politics for their personal gain?

Choose a good and reliable bookmaker

Online gambling on sports goes through an online bookmaker. There are many online bookmakers available where Dutch players can play. Choosing the right and above all reliable bookmakers is a trickier story. Our site contains only reliable bookmakers. Due to our many years of experience in the online bookmaker world, we know the dissonances. The bookmakers who do not pay out after winning, cancel bets because this is a ‘clear’ mistake, etc. So no jokes like this with the online bookmakers that we have on our site.

Time of betting

Some bookmakers are more likely to present odds for the game. There is a chance that the first odd publishing bookmaker is often a bit higher. This can be done 4 or 5 days before the competition will take place. So check the odds regularly, you can sometimes easily take 5 to 10% margin without putting a lot of effort into it. You can visit for the best deal.

Don’t play under the influence

Seems logical but still enough people are doing it. Clear thinking is a precondition for success as a successful gambler on sports. In a drunken state you often become overconfident and there is a danger that you will regret your bet later (the next day).

Be objective

Do not always bet on your favorite football team, country or tennis player. Especially when you are a fan of a certain person or team you tend to no longer be able to give an objective opinion. This naturally influences your vision of that team or player, with the result that you start thinking too easily. But if you’re objective, almost no football club will win a league unbeaten, not even Barcelona or Bayern Munich. And Djokovic also does not win every tournament he participates in.

Without patting ourselves on the chest, but we give good information about matches and bookmakers with high odds. We don’t gamble at random, but are always thoughtful and take all the information available to make an informed guess.